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Create custom 3D rooms

using our simple drag and drop studio

Drag and drop 3D science models and other media into a room

Engage students in multiplayer rooms created by you. Talk to them over voice chat, interact with 3D models and get reactions from your students!

Sell your class

and keep 80% of the revenue you make.

Receive your revenue through Stripe at the end of every month.

People pay upfront for your class, but you can structure your class however you'd like:

  1. 1 class
  2. A week, month, or couple month's long recurring class
  3. Help, review, and cram that sessions people can sign up for

Control your class using our 'raise hand' and mute features.

Did you know...

  1. Most learners expect recorded video content to be free?
  2. You only keep 55% of the revenue you make on YouTube
  3. People can join on their iPhone and ****we're ad-free!

Host live classes on our app

and share them with your class on our Discord server

You can...

  1. Manipulate 3D science models
  2. Share infographics and other media
  3. Interact with your students with audio
  4. Walk around your custom 3D room!

Set up custom interactive rooms and teach students like never before.

Students can join your live classes on our app!

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