Stanford PhD researcher, Aditya Vishwanath, explores interesting science topics in fun 3D worlds. Explore the world of science through discussions, trivia, and even guest speakers in a gamified universe!

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We offer 2 sessions to accommodate all learners 🌍 Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 PM PST or 8 PM IST

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30 minutes/class

Twice per week

10-14 year olds


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🌿 Are you interested in learning about the world around you?

🥼 Do you want to talk to a Stanford researcher working on groundbreaking STEM discoveries?

😴 Are you bored of learning through long recorded videos and online courses?

If you relate to any of these- you NEED to join Science Trivia! Join Aditya in his scientific exploration with learners from around the world! Aditya will take you through a gamified experience to explain the basics of complex scientific topics, host discussions on new scientific discoveries, and even discover answers to interesting questions with you- just like a researcher does in the real world!


We add new sessions every week! Don't worry if you missed a session. Each session is unique. Your monthly subscription starts from the day you subscribe. Check back in to see what sessions will be offered in future weeks!

Understanding the biology of taste receptors October 19 Let's learn how the brain deciphers and reacts to different flavours we experience in our everyday lives

How do hammers and anvils help you hear things? October 21 Learn about the different structures present inside our ears and how they help us hear the sounds in our surroundings

A twisted case: Why is DNA twisted? October 26 Learn about DNA and why nature decided to shape the DNA in the form of a helix

Which body parts should you not have? October 28th Are there any parts of the human body that we don't need anymore? Let's find out

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