In this class, we’ll be learning the history of life on earth leading up to YOU! We will discuss how life started, the origins of mankind and ethnicity, the evolution of language, and more!

Once per week

Sundays at 11 AM EST

45 minutes/class

Ages 8 and above


You will be able to access the live class on a Zoom link that we will share before the start of the class.

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Session 1: Where did life come from? October 10th 2021 Let’s learn about the Big Bang, the formation of the Earth, and the origin of life itself!

Session 2: Ethnicity- why do people look the way they do? October 17th 2021 Learn the history of the human face! People look different as you travel from place to place: why is this true? Learning the reasons we are different will help us appreciate the ways we are the same!

Session 3: Where Evolution Went Wrong October 24th 2021 Ever wondered why our bodies are flawed? Let’s talk about the ways evolution FAILED! Why does childbirth hurt? Why do we have organs we don’t use anymore? How come so many people have back problems?

Session 4: Plant Evolution October 31st 2021 Some plants ****mimic animals or even other plants as a way to protect themselves. So do plants have brains? Can plants think? Let’s discuss the way evolution shaped flora!

Session 5: Origins of Language November 7th, 2021 Want to learn how language evolved around the world? In this class we’ll discuss how geography impacted language development - and do any other animals use language?

Session 6: What might humans look like in the future? November 14th 2021 How are people evolving today around the world? What role does climate and technology play in our current evolution? We will discuss current trends in evolution and speculate on what may happen in the future.

About your instructor- Winela Kulman